Friday, October 23, 2009


Most of the family and friends already know our lovely daughter Lisa passed from this earth 21 Sept. 2009. She left her daughter Devon and parents Joy and Grant Newell, Sister Rebecca Harrison and two brothers, David Jones and Greg Jones, as well as 12 step brothers and sisters at 11:10 AM.
Her transition was very pieceful holding her Daughter and sister Rebeccas hands.
We know she is so much better now that she is no longer traped in a handycapped body, and enjoying being with her Father and many other relatives.
Our Church teaches of a definate life after death, and that we will see her again as a beautiful vibrant young women that she once was. The Scriptures are definate on the resurection of us all, that we will be known and will know others there. We will be rewarded for our good works and our love for our fellow men and women. On this Lise was a master. She demonstrated to all how we should be. She exemplified true christian principles in all she said and did. If someone complained or felt sorry for themselves, she would lift them up with a cherry welcome and as a true friend help them see their true worth as a child of God.
How blessed we are to have been with her for all the years of her earthly life.
May we all examine ourselfs and try to be a better friend, neighbor, family member, spouse, human being, and a child og God

Sunday, March 16, 2008

All about Lisa

At this time, Lisa is quite "stable". This is an unexpected "reprieve" for her! With her "septic" condition when she left the hospital, all felt her time was very short so that is why she was accepted at the Hospice House. The combination of the kidney drain tube and the 4 powerful anti-biotics must be the reason for her surprise change in condition. ....or could it possibly be due to a very strong constitution?

However, wonderful things have occurred the past few weeks as a result. She was up in her wheel chair for a couple of days, was able to tour the beautiful facility she is in, LOVES her private room, has had "tons" of visitors, flowers galore, her big brother, David, came from Arizona and spent 2 days with her, and she even had a "slumber party" one night with her daughter Devon. Devon is almost 17 and a graduating Senior this year!

Her room is way comfortable...... not only for Lisa, but for visitors! We all love to visit and spend time there with her. One special treat: Trader Joe's Valentine flowers came in a date LATE..... so they donated all of them to Hickey House! Lisa got four of the bouquets.... 2 dozen red and white roses, tulips and a mixed bouquet. Her aide just kept bringing them in!!! The staff really love Lisa and take such good care of her. We have grown quite fond of the "Animal Planet" and "Food" channels. Lisa even got a "private" massage from a volunteer that comes in 2 times a week for the patients. Our daughter, Becky and family traditionally "journey" from Beaverton every Sunday night to visit Aunt Lisa. Becky also does solo visits when the cherubs are home and in bed.

A "smother mother" at times has a hard time with the "Lord's Own Time"..... but it is virtually in His Hands as to when she will be allowed to "Go Home".